IDB Bhaban-2

Construction of IDB Bhaban-2 comprising of Multi-Storied Twin Tower and 4-Storied Multi-Purpose Business Center each with 3-Level Basements at Agargaon Administrative Area, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka.


Islamic Development Bank – Bangladesh Islamic Solidarity Educational Wakf (IsDB-BISEW) owns a land measuring 2(two) Acres at Agargaon Administrative Area, Sher-E- Bangla Nagar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. IsDB-BISEW decided to construct a Mixed-used Commercial Building Project (IDB Bhaban-2) which found to be commercially viable, financially lucrative as per feasibility study among various options.

The feasibility study also identified potential high-end multinational and international organizations, who have expressed their intention to lease the spaces of the IDB Bhaban-2 to setup their offices.

Meanwhile, CRCG-CCECC JV, a Chinese Joint Venture Company, has been engaged through international tendering process. Upon signing of the Contract on 31 July 2022, CRCG-CCECC JV mobilized adequate construction equipment and manpower at site and commenced the work under Tender Package-1 from 01 August 2022.

Progress of Work Versus Time Elapsed:

• Total Time : 36 Months

• Total Time Elapsed (up to May 2024) : 22 Months

• Total % of Progress (up to May 2024) : 45.15%

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Mobilization of Equipment for Shore Piling Work

Site Visit by Hon’ble Chairman, COM. IsDB-BISEW

Checking Layout and Level

Drilling of Bore Hole for Pile by Hydraulic Rig

Site Visit by IsDB Group Members

Site Visit by IsDB Group Members

Site Visit by Hon’ble Chairman, COM. IsDB-BISEW

Site Visit by IsDB Group Members

Checking of Rebar Works for Reinforcement Caging of Shore Piles

Casting of Shore Pile

Site Visit by Hon’ble Chairman, COM. IsDB-BISEW

Reinforced Plaster Over Shore Pile

Earth Excavation at Level

(-) 7.0 M

Preparation of 75mm CC Casting under Footing

Wire Mesh Fixing to Shore Pile

75mm CC Casting under Mat Foundation over Damp Proof Membrane

Site Visit by Principal Structural Engineer

Applying Prime Coat for Water Proofing Membrane

Laying Water Proofing Membrane

Rebar Fabrication Work for Mat

Casting of Basement-2 Slab

PVC Conduit Checking by Electrical Consultant

Site Visit by Architect

Casting of Mat Segment -C of Business Centre

Sand Filling in Side Tranches

Site Inspection by Electrical Consultant

Water Logging in Berm Area during Heavy Rainfall – Steel Bracing Work above

1st Layer Bracing Work in North-South Side

Concrete Slump Checking at Site

Slab Casting of Ground Floor (Business Center)

Taking Cylinder During Casting at Site

Water Logging during Heavy Rainfall – Excavator Submerged

Reinforced Plaster Work along Shore Pile

Additional Bracing Work for Strengthening for Shore Protection at Segment-A

Checking of Sand Compaction Test (FDDA)

Bracing Work for Shore Protection

Business Center 1st Floor Casting (Central Part)

Brick work in Basement

South Side Retaining Wall Casting

2nd Layer Bracing Work in North Side

Ongoing Superstructure Work for

Business Center

Ongoing Superstructure Work for Twin Tower

CRCG-CCECC JV Technical Team

CRCG-CCECC JV Technical Team


IDB Bhaban (4th Floor)

E/8-A, Rokeya Sharani, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar. Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 2 9183006; Email:

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